Producing Porn on the Internet

Shooting Adult Content

If you’re interested in making adult content videos, it’s a lucrative yet competitive field to get into. This guide will give you everything you need to know to get started making your own adult videos so you can get in on the big profits. Whether you’re shooting, producing, or both, there’s more than you might think that goes into making adult content. We will go over how to shoot, the best equipment for shooting adult content, and how to prepare your set so you can produce the best quality adult videos and stand out from the crowd.

How to Shoot Porn

How do I set up and shoot porn?

When you are setting up your adult content shoot, remember that time is money so have everything prepared and tested before your talent begins. You don’t want to pay people hourly to sit around while you test equipment and figure things out. Here are some steps to help you prepare for making adult content videos:

  • Sex toys?
    Adult Content production sex toys

    Theres a niche for everything when you produce porn. Sometimes a prop can help your talent get in the mood.

    Prepare the set. Get any props, adult toys, and set items you need set up for the shoot. Make sure the location is secure and ready, including furniture.
  • Porn Script
    Adult Website filming List Image

    Its sex, so everything isnt always going to go to plan, but have one.

    Set up and test equipment ahead of time. Have a list of all audio visual equipment that needs to be on set in working condition and charged if needed with all the accessories. Get your lighting set up and make sure it’s bright enough without casting heavy shadows. Test your audio equipment and do a trial shoot to make sure the sound is the right level and lighting looks clear and fills the room evenly. Having everything ready will save you money so you won’t be paying people to sit around while you fumble with equipment. We will go over more on equipment later.
  • Go over the script
    Pornsite shooting editor going over plan

    Get the talent, camera and sound people in sync.

    Have a script. Even if the plan is to make the scene as natural as possible, you still have to have a script so that everyone knows what is expected of them. The script should include a list of dialog, positions, and camera shots required for the project.
  • Have your style vision. Know what your final product is going to look like in terms of style. If you’re going for an amateur look, there’s no point in fancy equipment, but this doesn’t mean you need to make a low-quality video that has poor lighting or other issues.
  • Know the angles. Your stories need to be in sequence and you have to be prepared to shoot the things you want at the angle you need. This will dictate the type and quality of the camera you use and how many shots you need.
  • Take Charge
    Adult Content making in charge director

    Know what your doing and be confident

    Outline your plans for talent. How many people do you need and who will be doing what? Clarify who and what you need from your talent so you can prepare for a smooth shoot making adult content videos. Establish set rules, including who can talk, who can be on scene, who arrives when, and who leaves when. This is important because if people don’t know when they’re expected to do things, you will waste a lot of time with interruptions while shooting. Make sure everyone knows the director is in charge during the shoot.
  • Hair and Make up
    Adult Website production girl having make up done

    Money well spent, find a make up artist you trust.

    Make sure personnel are ready. Everyone needs to sign legal paperwork and sign in to work. Each person should have their wardrobe and makeup ready. You’ll want to have a place for talent to change and keep their things while shooting as well as an area for doing makeup and hair.
  • Do a scene walkthrough. Go through the scenes and requirements with your personnel before shooting.

Once you have your set ready and your talent arrives, it’s time to start shooting and making adult content. Here is a checklist of things to help you during your shoot:

  • Quiet on the Set
    Pornsite filming quiet

    Weird noises can ruin a shot so make sure the entire set is quiet.

    Audio syncing. Make sure the audio matches the scene and does not have any unnecessary dialogue.
  • Adult Content shooting
    Adult Content shooting

    Adult Content shooting

    Secure files. Make sure all files are secure and anything related to the securing of the source media is done.
  • Time Management
    Adult Website making Time Management

    Planning ahead can save you money in the end since you will probably have hourly talent.

    Keep talent on track. Make sure everyone follows the set rules and only those who are required for each scene are on set. There are rules about who can be on the scene and it’s important to stick to these rules.
  • Work till the end
    Pornsite production Work till end

    Pornsite production Work till end

    Pay attention to time. If you’re hiring contract workers and paying hourly, you need to be especially mindful of time and work as efficiently as possible to save your bottom line.
  • Shoot the entire scene. Be ready to film for the time that it will take to get the scenes done.
  • Keep the audience in mind. Know your target audience and what shots they want. What resolution do they need and how do you want the final videos to look? Keep these things in mind as you’re making adult content.

Congratulations, you just finished shooting your porn video! Now you may be wondering what to do next. First, take care of personnel and make sure they’ve filled out all paperwork before allowing them to change and leave securely.

Clean up afterwards
Adult Website shooting cleaning up

Adult Website shooting cleaning up

Next, clean up the set. Return any rented property or equipment and make sure they’re in good condition. Clean the floors and furniture and take down equipment and lighting.


  • You have a list of and enforce llegal rules on your set
  • You have the right cameras
  • You have the right accessories and storage
  • You have a script and shot list to get key shots
  • You have these post shoot steps in your operating plan