Casting Porn On the Internet

Finding and Casting Talent.

If you’re wondering how to do adult casting, this guide will walk you through all the basics. From finding adult performers to hiring talent and covering yourself legally, there are some important steps you can’t skip when casting for porn. The art and science of casting talent is definitely something any adult content producer needs to study.

Casting people for adult work requires the ability to be flexible and be ready to execute your plan to get content made and marketed. What this means in clear terms is finding talent, evaluating talent, and signing agreements. The finding aspect of casting can be accomplished in many ways. You may have a talent source and ability already or you may need a third-party source. Either way, many pitfalls and traps can befall you, but this guide will help prevent you from making common mistakes.

Casting Porn

How do I cast porn?

You might be the type of person that can attract and pick up hot girls or guys for your productions. Or you might be a geeky tech nerd with no game. But either way, unless you're content only has yourself and possibly a partner, you’re going to have to hire someone to have sex with you. But don’t worry, you have options. There are different ways you can find your adult actors.

When you’re casting for porn videos, transparency and professionalism will go a long way in preventing legal problems. A good reputation will also help you land more talent and get referrals from scouts and managers. When you are casting for adult actors, have all of your expectations written out in your documentation. Go through these expectations with all personnel on your set, including anyone not on camera. Discuss beforehand all positions and sex acts that will be performed. Be very clear and open in your communications.

Here are some basic things to do when you’re casting for adult actors:

  • Do get signatures.
  • Do get video and audio of the consent.
  • Do get multiple forms of IDs.
  • Don't assume anything.
  • Don't film if the paperwork is not in order.
  • Don't hire talent you don't plan on shooting.

If you need basic forms or a reference for forms, the Adult Performance Artists Guild has generic model release forms and 2257 Compliance forms on their website.


  • You have identified your source for talent
  • You have all the correct documentation ready
  • You have a plan to verify the documentation
  • You have in these items in your operating plan