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Discover the best practices for optimizing your video content for search engines and increasing your online visibility, and learn how to leverage video SEO to drive more traffic to your website and increase your brand's online presence in this content.

Adult Marketing

Should I use a Porn marketing consultant?

Website Churn
Adult Website promotion churn

Adult Website promotion churn

Sex sells, and so most of what sells in traditional advertising also sells in porn. You can get ideas for traditional ads by looking at your content with the most traffic. What types of adult videos and visuals get the most clicks? If you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of metrics for your site, look at popular videos on other sites and tube sites. See what headlines, images, and types of videos get a lot of clicks, and structure your advertising based on those indicators. If you don’t have much budget for advertising, start with Google, affiliate programs, and tube sites for free traffic and visibility for your brand. You can always do traditional advertising once you start generating more profits.

Image Search
Pornsite marketing imgsearch

Pornsite marketing imgsearch

Google indexes porn sites so take advantage of this free search engine traffic by making your site Google-friendly and searchable. Add detailed keyword-rich descriptions on your site including on each video. You sell videos, but Google is a text index so you need to have lots and lots of keyword text. Frequency helps - the more often you add keywords and text, the more relevant to Google your site will be. Google wants dynamic up-to-date data and will refer people to sites like that. Images also help with Google marketing. Tag and name images with your keywords to help with SEO because porn people can search Google images for porn. And to make your site the most Google-friendly, make sure your site is as fast as possible and responsive to new requests.

Hiring Marketing Help

If you are overwhelmed with marketing your porn business, you can always outsource. Hiring a professional to assist with your site marketing is a great idea. They may know of a niche porn site where you can list your ethnic porn site, for example. This person should be familiar with the different tools and techniques that the adult industry uses. Look for someone with experience both in and out of the industry. The adult industry is filled with a lot of people who can’t cut it in other industries so you have a lot of stale ideas and information that are behind the times. Find someone who has experience in other industries to avoid this problem.

When it comes to adult website marketing, specialists for specific marketing tasks are a good idea. Banner ad makers will have strong graphic design skills. Specialist video editors can generate video ads and promo clips. A copywriter will help you hit your site’s target keywords to come up in more Google searches. A copywriter can also help with writing video headlines and ad copy to generate clicks.

Putting It All Together

Promotin Team
Adult Content promotion team

Adult Content promotion team

As with any business, if you build it they will not come if they don’t know about it. So once you have your videos ready, you will need to come up with an adult website marketing strategy. Start with the basics - a good, descriptive domain name and relevant keywords on your site. After you have your site up and running, you have many options to increase your marketing and visibility. From Google’s free search engine traffic to banner ads and affiliates, explore your options and do what you can afford. If you have a budget, outsourcing your marketing needs to specialists such as video editors, graphic designers and copywriters can help grow your business exponentially.