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Best Payment Providers for Your Video Sales

Learn how to choose the best payment providers for your video sales to ensure seamless transactions and increase customer satisfaction, and explore the key factors to consider when selecting a payment provider in this content.

Adult Payment API

How do I integrate payment in my adult website?

There are some variables to consider when you’re shopping for an adult payment processor. First, check what the costs are. Is there a monthly fee, and what are the setup fees, transaction fees, and chargeback fees? Make sure you are clear on all the pricing and compare different options to get an idea of standard rates. Also, check the coverage area. Make sure your country is covered by the adult payment processor.

Porn Merchant Fees
Adult Website credt cards fees2

Adult Website credt cards fees2

Another thing to look for when you’re comparing adult payment processors is the ease of use of each processor. Some providers have very advanced account management portals, and some don’t. Consider how large your operation is and what features of a payment processor would be most helpful to your business.

Adult Credit Card Fees
Pornsite payments secure

Pornsite payments secure

You also want to watch out for hidden fees among different payment processors. Check to see if there are PCI compliance fees, statement fees, and monthly minimums. Also, see how monthly settlements work and check for authorization and transaction fees. You may incur early termination fees and chargeback fees, so check for these as well.

You’ll need a few things to create an account with an adult payment processor, including a bank account and ID. You may also have to qualify with your credit history.

Secure Adult Payment
Adult Website credt cards risk

Adult Website credt cards risk

Adult credit card processing is considered high-risk due to fraud and failed transactions. The nature of adult credit card processing means that you will receive more failed transactions than other mainstream industries. Having a failover offers a backup database, server, or network that can process cards if the primary system does not work. Another security feature you can use is a proxy ID. A proxy ID identifies a computer or client on the internet through a proxy server.

As a result of the security risks and costs associated with adult websites, many adult payment processors require long-term contracts of up to a few years. When you’re looking for an adult payment processor, make sure you know what the long-term commitment is and what any penalties and cancellation fees would be if you decide to terminate the service.

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