Delievrables for Web Hosts

Delivering Video to Your Audience

Learn about the different ways of delivering video to your audience, and discover the best practices for delivering high-quality video content through different channels in this content.

What to Deliverable to your host

Files and formats

Hosting Deliverables

Delivering content to hosting companies in the adult industry requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to specific standards. This guide outlines the essential workflow steps for content producers, from small-scale creators to large production houses, ensuring their material is ready for seamless website integration. We'll cover the critical aspects of formats, sizes, copyrights, watermarks, and 2257 compliance.

Preparing Content for Upload

The first step involves preparing content for upload. This includes ensuring videos and images are in the preferred formats (e.g., MP4 for videos, JPEG or PNG for images) and optimized for web use. Size optimization is crucial to balance quality with efficient loading times, enhancing user experience.

Copyright and Watermarking

Copyrights are pivotal in protecting content. Every piece of content must be clearly copyrighted to avoid unauthorized use. Including watermarks on images and videos can serve as a branding tool and a copyright protection measure. The watermark should be visible but not intrusive, ensuring it does not detract from the content's appeal.

2257 Compliance

Compliance with 2257 regulations is non-negotiable in the adult industry. This federal law requires that producers of sexually explicit material maintain records proving that performers are of legal age. Content producers must ensure that all required documentation is in order and readily accessible. This includes keeping accurate records of performers’ IDs and related forms, which must be delivered to hosting companies alongside the content.

Effective File Management and Delivery

Effective file management is key. Organizing files with clear, consistent naming conventions facilitates easier tracking and management. When delivering content to hosting companies, using reliable and secure file transfer methods is essential to protect the material from unauthorized access or loss during transmission.

Working with Hosting Companies

Building a strong relationship with your hosting company is vital. Clearly communicate your requirements and understand their guidelines for content upload. Be aware of any technical specifications they require and ensure your content meets these standards. Regular communication helps in troubleshooting any issues and ensures a smooth workflow.


Navigating the delivery of content to hosting companies in the adult industry involves a detailed understanding of technical requirements, legal compliance, and effective communication. By adhering to these guidelines, content producers can ensure that their material is not only legally compliant and protected but also optimized for the best possible online presentation. This workflow fosters a professional and efficient partnership between content creators and hosting services, crucial for the success of any adult content website.