Where to find adult talent for videos?

Learn how to find the right porn actors.

Discover how to find the right talent for your video productions and ensure a successful video project, and learn about the best practices for finding and working with porn actors in this content.

Finding Talent

How do I find adult talent?

Searching for Porn Actors
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Talent is what you want, good directors can get the best out of adult talent.

There are different ways to find adult performers. Craigslist used to be a great source, however, human trafficking concerns generally have stopped that. Luckily, some third-party tools exist like Sex Work Finder and SexyJobs. Note, if you're filming yourself or your partner only, you don't need to worry about this. If you’re filming yourself and amateurs, you’ll need to have a way of soliciting new amateurs, meaning you're the talent scout. If you're filming yourself and an actor, you’ll probably need to have a third-party adult talent agency or use a talent scout. For filming other actors, you will need to use third-party and talent scouts.

If you are looking for adult actors, here are some places you might find talent:

  • Adult Performer Central
    Juicy Starz Adult Performers

    Place to find adult performers

    Juicy Starz is a site that offers adult acting work jobs and you can post your help wanted ad.
  • Pornsite casting
    OnlyFans is a site that offers adult entertainment and has many independent contractors who may be interested in porn work.
  • Talent Agency
    Adult Content actor TalentAgency

    Adult Content actor TalentAgency

    Adult talent agencies are third-party companies that manage talent. You can hire adult actors through these agencies. Google your location and adult agency to get started connecting with local providers.
  • Talent Scouts
    Adult Website talent Scout

    Adult Website talent Scout

    Scouts are individuals who offer the service of connecting performers with jobs. You can find local talent scouts at adult agencies in your area.
  • Third-Party Porn Casting

    #IMG:Doc;If you need help finding adult actors for your porn production, third-party agencies offer a variety of options for hiring adult performers. Adult performer agencies serve as a liaison between adult actors and clients who hire them. You can pay the agency an agreed-upon fee for talent, hiring one adult actor or several, depending on how many you need for your porn production. Be clear with the agency on the acts you need to be performed and the age and look of the talent that you want. You can find licensed adult acting agencies listed in the directory maintained by the Adult Performance Artists Guild.

    When you work with an agency or scout, here are some things to look for:

    • Licensed and accredited. Make sure it’s a legitimate, licensed company or scout that you’re working with.
    • Transparent pricing. Don’t work with agencies or scouts who don’t give you a direct answer on fees, and get everything in writing regarding costs and fees.
    • Good reviews. Seek referrals and recommendations for adult agencies and scouts. Check out review sites to see what people have to say about working with different agencies, and don’t work with any that have excessively poor reviews.