Editing Awesome Porn

How to be a great porn video editor.

How you edit porn is dependent on what your end product is. If you are looking to make gonzo or amateur porn, you’re still going to need to edit, but your needs will not be as demanding as if you’re producing highly polished productions. Make sure you integrate your editing with your production and marketing needs, which means getting the quality shots that you need to edit and outputting that to different platforms for sale and marketing. Shooting high-resolution adult videos with good lighting will give you the raw footage you need to do the best editing.

How to Edit Porn

How do I edit porn?

VHS vs Beta
Pornsite Editing VHS BETA

Pornsite Editing VHS BETA

Porn has always been driving technology and the movie industry. In the early days, porn paved the way with the technology used in penny arcades and on projector tapes. Porn’s influence can make or break technology. In the battle between VHS and Betamax for making video tapes, VHS came out on top because they won the porn market.

Video Editing Rig
Adult Content Editor RIg

Adult Content Editor RIg

In the early days of adult videos, videos were analog, which made editing difficult. Now, adult videos are all digital, which means a small editor platform can be super powerful, providing multimillion-dollar effects. In porn, a lot of the tech is of the prosumer nature and you don’t need the top-end equipment to start at all. You can shoot and edit profitable, quality adult videos without expensive professional equipment. You do need to cover some basics though with hardware and software.

The Nuts and Bolts of Porn Editing

Porn Work Flow
Adult Website Editor Workflow

Adult Website Editor Workflow

Your porn editing needs will depend on how much content you shoot, your budget, and the final product you want to produce. Editing can be done by one adult video editor, a team of editors, or a corporation.

One of the main issues with porn is moving files from production to editing. Here are the scenarios:

Lone Editor
Adult Website Post Prodution Lone Edit

This could be you the Producer/Editor or a single person who creates start to finish.

Lone Editor puts all files into one computer and one program. This is how most people start making porn. You learn to edit and make adult videos or you outsource and hire an editor.

Team Editor
Pornsite Digital editing Team Edit

Pornsite Digital editing Team Edit

Team Editor. This might be just you and another adult video editor. This could be 100% outsourced. Files are shared via drives, the internet, and team projects. Once you start making money with your porn business and you take on larger projects or if you want highly polished productions, you will need a team of editors.

Corporate Porn
Adult Content Editing Corporate

Adult Content Editing Corporate

Corporate. This would be for multiple projects and teams of porn producers. You will use an ingest system to centralize or coordinate file transfer to editors. Team projects always use professional tools. Corporate porn projects generally involve higher costs and more high-level editing tools.


  • You have a system ready to ingest the data
  • You have an editor ready
  • You have post effects ready
  • You have a plan to create versions for hosting and marketing
  • You have a consistent time table to stick to your operating plan