Affilialte Programs for Pornsites

Boosting Sales through Marketing Affiliates

Learn how to increase your sales and grow your customer base by leveraging the power of marketing affiliates, and discover the benefits of partnering with marketing affiliates and how to create a successful affiliate marketing program in this content.

Affliate Marketing

Should I use adult affiliates?

Adult Content marketing
Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage independent marketers’ efforts to promote your site by giving them a percentage of each sale on your adult site. Affiliate marketing has always been important to porn but is also one of the main pushers of spam. Make sure you use legit affiliates so that you protect your brand. You can use affiliate networks like NATS. You can develop your own affiliate marketing system and set the commission rates for your affiliates.

Affiliate programs are as old as the internet and will continue for as long as people are selling things. Essentially these are referral fees that are shared between a site hosting content and another site hosting content. These affiliate programs vary in terms of how they pay out and what the terms are. There are alot of companies spread throughout the World providing middle-man services so you have to be careful choosing which affiliates you will work with.

Choose carefully. There are alot of slick websites with appeals to honesty and forthright behavior. I don't vouch for any of them but here is a list of some programs.

Selling Other People's Content via Affiliate programs

There are essentially two types of sites selling other people's content via affiliate programs. There are sites that try to capture traffic via SERP or SEO tactics and then funnel that traffic to an affiliate link for monetization. On the other hand, there are established porn sites that sell other porn sites content.

We’re not concerned with the former, these are the networks that you can leverage to build your site. We are concerned with the latter, that is using a porn affiliate network to sell other people’s porn sites. You may ask yourself, “What the Heck is going on, why would I sell other people’s stuff.” Well the fact of the matter is, that companies like Google and other Ad networks are going to eventually sell to your customers as well. Yes, you want long-term revenue generating customers, but the hard reality is that there is going to be a lot of churn in the Porn Industry. Churn means the ratio of new customers vs customers who left. If you have low churn, your customers will be loyal, think Coca Cola. High churn industry, customers are fickle and come and go, think of a local Gym with a membership fee. Anyways, to the point, your customers, even if you do everything right, are going to get bored and seek out new content. So the thought in the industry is; why not get a piece of the action, coming, and going.