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Discover best practices for creating engaging marketing videos that resonate with your audience and drive engagement, and learn how to leverage the power of marketing videos to increase your brand's online presence and drive sales in this content.

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How should I market my porn site specifically?

Tube sites are aggregators of video content. Adult tube sites are the most visited porn sites on the web. Some of the biggest adult tube sites are YouPorn, PornHub, and Xhamster. Tube sites can work for you by giving you exposure and access to millions of potential customers. Tube sites sample your videos on their sites and either buy directly from you or feature your paid videos in their own premium sections. They offer distribution and hosting of your content on their platform. Their community ranks and gives feedback that shows you useful competitive information.

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There are also drawbacks to adult tube sites. Tube sites have a lot of control over how your content is displayed and priced. They control pricing and are the dominant players in the industry. Many of the big producers own the tubes and those are owned by a small number of companies. Tube sites control customer accounts so your viewers are owned by them. They can direct viewers away from your product to theirs. They also control the customer experience so they may run ads and also throttle the user experience.