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Editing Deliverables

When you're creating video content, you'll need to think about the deliverables you'll need to provide to your clients or customers. These might include the final video files, as well as other materials like raw footage, sound files, and project files.

When it comes to video file formats, there are a variety of options to choose from, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. You'll need to consider factors like file size, video quality, and compatibility with different devices and platforms when choosing a format. You may also need to consider compression techniques to ensure that your files are small enough to be easily shared and downloaded.

Long Term Storage

The growing demand for high-quality video production, especially in 4K resolution, has led to an increase in data storage and archiving needs. To effectively manage this data, production companies often rely on NAS (Network-Attached Storage) systems, such as the petabyte Qnap NAS. However, an efficient backup system is also crucial. This article explores LTO drives as a reliable and cost-effective solution for archiving off-site content, focusing on the hardware aspects and the software compatibility of various LTO drive options.

LTO Drive Options

Several reputable brands offer LTO drive solutions, each providing a range of options such as desktop, rackmount, and internal drives. These cater to different preferences and requirements for video production companies. The following table summarizes the hardware options and their supported or included software:

Brand Form Factor Interface Price Range Supported or Included Software
OWC MercuryPro Desktop Thunderbolt $2,500 - $3,500 Hedge Canister, YoYotta, Argest
Quantum Various SAS, Fibre Channel, USB $1,800 - $4,500 Quantum's Scalar, YoYotta
HPe StoreEver Various SAS, Fibre Channel, USB $2,000 - $5,000 HPE's StoreOpen, Archiware
Mlogic Various Thunderbolt, SAS $2,300 - $3,800 Hedge Canister, YoYotta
Symply Various Thunderbolt, Fibre Channel $2,500 - $4,000 Symply's Argest, Archiware
Qualstar Various SAS, Fibre Channel $1,900 - $4,300 Qualstar's VSM, Archiware

Choosing the Right LTO Drive

When selecting the appropriate LTO drive for your video production company, consider the following factors to ensure an optimal workflow:

  • Form Factor: Choose between desktop, rackmount, or internal drives based on your available space and desired setup.
  • Interface: Ensure that the interface of the LTO drive (Thunderbolt, SAS, Fibre Channel, or USB) is compatible with your existing equipment.
  • Price Range: Consider the cost of the LTO drive and the ongoing expenses for tape cartridges within your budget.
  • Supported or Included Software: Examine the software options that are compatible with or included in the LTO drive package to facilitate seamless integration and efficient data management.

By carefully evaluating these factors and understanding the specific needs of your video production company, you can choose the right LTO drive to optimize your workflow and effectively manage your growing archive of high-quality content.