Adult Payment Processing

Credit Cards & Payment Systems for Porn

When you set up your online porn business, you’ll need to integrate adult payment processors so people can pay for your content. Adult content can be a risky industry for payment processors, and some do not provide services to adult websites. But luckily there are still plenty of payment processor options for your porn business. This guide will walk you through your options for adult payment processors and offer tips on what to look for.

Porn Payments

What options do I have with Porn Payment Providers?

Payment processors often shy away from adult content due to inherent risks. Adult websites tend to have high chargeback ratios, over 1 percent of sales. People are more likely to charge back to adult companies for many reasons and are not loyal to the brand. Another issue is that adult content is subject to heavy regulations and thus it costs more for the processors to insure compliance versus selling non-risky products.

Merchant Account Risk
Adult Content merhant processing code

Adult Content merhant processing code

In porn, there are also security concerns. Adult websites have a higher risk of fraudulent transactions. Just like in any service business, there is less concrete information on customers than in a product business. Products have to be shipped to a physical address, whereas the service does not. Additionally, the number of accounts created with security concerns on adult sites is higher than in other industries. Payment processors who serve adult sites run the risk of reputational damage.

Choosing the Best Adult Payment Processor

Adult Credit Card Processor
Adult Content merhant processing fees

Adult Content merhant processing fees

Finding an adult payment processor can be overwhelming because some of the big payment companies do not work with adult sites. However, Visa and MasterCard are two big ones that accept adult website payments. When you are looking for a good payment processor for your porn site, make sure you check out all the fees and rates so you don’t end up in a long-term contract with hidden fees that you were unaware of. Also, find a service that offers website integration for a seamless checkout experience for your clients. Once you have your payment system set up, you can start marketing and promoting your business and watch the profits grow.


  • You have identified a payment partner
  • You have a strategic pricing plan
  • You are ready to roll out specials if needed
  • You are ready to do market and pricing analysis
  • You have a long term payment strategy in your operating plan