Promoting Your Porn Site

Marketing Adult Content Online

Adult website marketing is what will make or break your business. If you do the right marketing for your porn site, you can grow your customers exponentially and tap into the massive power of the internet. If you neglect marketing, no matter how great your videos are, no one will know about them. This guide will break down everything you need to know for successful adult website marketing so you can tap into your highest profit potential.

Adult Marketing

How should I market my porn site in general?

Porn over Dialup
Pornsite marketing dialup

Pornsite marketing dialup

Porn marketing is as old as porn itself. Before the ’90s, porn was on the cutting edge of technology and marketing, with films that were marketed through the mail. This proved to be expensive and risky. Then VHS adult videos came along and opened up new marketing opportunities through retail, which was much more cost-effective and less risky than mail marketing.

The Internet changed the adult industry - and the world - forever. Dialup internet gave porn distributors access to direct marketing with low costs and low risks. Broadband opened the doors for DVD-quality porn on the internet. Mobile devices gave porn another outlet for mass distribution on the internet.

Porn Distribution
Adult Content promotion distribution

Adult Content promotion distribution

Unlike other industries, porn focuses mostly on direct-to-consumer distribution, without middlemen. (Some middlemen do exist in the porn industry but not nearly on the scale of regular movies). This makes the internet invaluable for mass distribution to customers.

Adult website marketing is unique because Google is not a competitor but a tool that can help you. Google tries to monetize most search results but stays on the outside of adult, for the most part, meaning your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) will be more effective because you have a better chance of making the first page organically.

Adult Website Marketing 101: Setting Up Your Site

When you start your porn business, first you’ll want to choose a domain name. Pick an easy-to-remember domain name because you want direct name searches from people who remember your brand. Don’t choose a complex name that’s hard to spell or misspelled or one that is similar to another adult business. You don't want people to search and find competition. Some people don’t even rank for their own domain names, which is a waste of potential web traffic.

How DNS works
Pornsite promotion DNS

Pornsite promotion DNS

Keywords are important to help you come up in search results. Find keywords that people search for when looking for adult content like yours and include them in your domain name. Consider Google Safe Search. It might be a good idea to not have bad words in your domain name, as this will give your site wider search-ability.

When you choose a domain name, TLD - .com (top-level domain) is still the best in terms of giving you credibility. Some TLDs provide interesting options, just check which ones are truly widely adopted before deciding. In general, .coms are the most popular. Other options to consider for your domain are buying multiple domains for cross-linking, single video domains, and other languages.

Marketing Your Adult Website

Adult Marketing
Adult Content marketing Marketing

Marketing porn on the web is alot of old ideas. Some still work, but new sites will change the game.

You need to know your content and target audience when setting up your adult site and marketing. If you have a broad focus, with a wide variety and a tremendous amount of content then you can target a lot of keywords. If you have a specific niche or are a small producer, it’s best to have a gimmick, schtick, or specific purpose. For a mix of both, you may want to work on the easier keywords first and the more competitive ones for long-term marketing.

You will need to have content ready to begin marketing. Obviously, if you’re making your own content, you'll be selling it. If you don’t have content, you may be using other people’s content and have videos in your members’ area or videos on bonus sites. Having a mix of your own content and other people’s is good if you have limited content.


  • You have a brand identity ready
  • You have social media accounts active
  • You have tube site presence
  • You have a organic and ppc plan
  • You have in your operating plan long term marketing plan